About us

15 years already!

Customer focus, innovation and engineering excellence !

In 2016, Technostrobe is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Thinking back, we have identified three values that typify the work that has been accomplished.

  • Customer focus – listening to our customers is part of our DNA – this insures that the solutions we imagine are closely gelled with the end user’s expectations.
  • Innovation – is the ability to turn a dream into something real. Taking a customer’s desire and turning it into a solution.
  • Engineering excellence – its know how and experience that allows us make innovative products that last in harsh environments.

Designing, engineering and manufacturing innovative solutions for customers is our passion. We are proud of our accomplishments over the past 15 years but we are even more excited about delivering new and even better solutions for the next 15 years.

History and Heritage 

Technostrobe was founded in 2001 with the objective of providing innovative lighting technologies to customers who own tall towers. These structures represent a potential obstacle to air traffic. Years later, our equipment is a major element in protecting aircraft pilots and their passengers who travel in proximity to towers, wind farms and industrial chimneys.

Technostrobe has distinguished itself by launching a number of innovative products over the last 15 years. Notable examples are a GPS Synchronization System for the wind farm Industry in 2005, Medium Intensity LED beacons for telecommunication companies in 2010 and High Intensity LED systems for broadcasters in 2014. Our most recent solution is called LIDS™ (Lighting Intensity Dimming Solution). It seeks to build a greater level of community acceptance for wind farms by allowing the lights to dim according to the surrounding visibility. The company’s current R&D investments are focused on developing the obstruction lighting technologies of the future including advanced remote monitoring solutions.

Stimulated by the ever more-specialized requests of our clients, we constantly seek to surpass customer expectations by providing made-to-measure design, complete engineering drawings and technical expertise during installations.

We are proud of having completed projects for telecommunication companies, broadcasters, utilities and wind farms in Canada, the US and Mexico.