The skills of INDELEC’s engineers, the variety of tests carried out in both high-voltage laboratories and real-life lightning conditions, and the experience gained from the thousands of PREVCTRON 2 installations around the world, have allowed us to develop a complete range of lightning conductors offering a host of key benefits

  • 5-model range offering customized solutions for each project (aesthetic constraints,requires protection area, etc.)
  • Fully autonomous operation)
  • Total reliability, even in extreme climatic conditions
  • Proven, robust design able to withstand multiple lightning strikes
  • Lightning conductor only becomes active when electrical field intensity rises (lightning discharge likely), the PREVECTRON 2 presents no danger to the site
  • Straightforward installation and maintenance using tools specially developed by INDELEC, including protection calculation software, strike counter and PREVECTRON tester
  • High-Voltage laboratory test results available on request
  • Real-life test results and scientific reports available on request
  • Ultra-safe capture tip thanks to full electrical continuity between the tip and the earth point

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