LIDS technology now easily accessible!

04 June 2020

Obstruction Lighting for wind farms: Transport Canada confirms the exemption

Transport Canada recently announced that Canadian wind farm owners will now be able to include the installation of LIDSTM Technology in their regular obstruction Lighting application for their new facilities.

 The deployment of this technology, developed by Technostrobe, will reduce the nuisance caused by obstruction lights in the vicinity of the wind farms, thus facilitating community acceptance while ensuring the safety of pilots and travellers.

See here Transport Canada’s official documentation.

Parc Eolien Mont Ste Marguerite LIDS Technostrobe

Mont Sainte-Marguerite wind farm, Québec, Canada, Siemens turbines, owned by Pattern:
46 turbines, Hub height: 92.5 m, Diameter of the rotor: 113M, Siemens 3.2MW.
First wind farm in North-America to be equipped with a complete LIDS system.
Photo credits: Anthony Lence Roy, Siemens

LIDS TECHNOLOGY: Dim the lights

Obstruction lighting on wind farms has ensured the safety of pilots and passengers for many years. With the increase in air traffic and the development of wind farms ever closer to communities, social and community acceptance is becoming a priority issue for many wind farm owners. With LIDSTM technology, the intensity of the beacons can be dimmed when the sky is clear and unobstructed and intensified when weather conditions deteriorate.

Thanks to the LIDSTM (Lighting Intensity Dimming Solution) technology, the light intensity automatically adjusts to the surrounding visibility. This reduces light pollution, while keeping the sky safe for pilots.

"When the sky is clear, the lighting doesn't have to be as bright. However, when visibility is reduced, the intensity needs to increase to offer pilots a proper signal allowing them to avoid the obstacle safely. LIDSTM technology allows the safe intensity of light to be present all the time. This means that communities located near wind farms do not notice changes in lighting, since the lighting intensity only increases when visibility is reduced". - explains Francis Lacombe, Vice-President, Technostrobe.

Discover Technostrobe's LIDSTM technology by visiting the official website.