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Offshore wind farm project Hollandse Kust Zuid (HKZ) 1-4, Vattenfall

Dutch coast, North Sea
Summer 2021


Provide advanced aids to navigation and monitoring features for what will be the largest offshore wind farm off the Dutch coast in the North Sea, at the time of completion.

The solution

Supply of temporary aids to navigation for the wind farm. A mix of self-contained marine lanterns and skids featuring fog horns and visibility sensors will ensure safe navigation around the wind farm for the duration of its construction estimated at approximately two years. 

All systems feature remote monitoring with alarms and status updates available to Vattenfall. Our remote monitoring solution will provide a satellite link to ensure real-time communication.

At the end, 100 temporary aids to navigation systems will be deployed for this major offshore wind farm project.


  • First subsidy-free offshore wind farm, located off the Dutch coast.
  • 100 temporary aids to navigation systems produced for the wind farm.
  • Electricity production equal to consumption of over 2 million Dutch households.
Photo credit: Detect-Inc

ADLS Light Manager for wind farm

Crown Ridge Wind Farm, USA
Summer 2020


To install, as part of a radar lighting impact mitigation project, an ADLS (Radar) Light Manager that provides for bidirectional communication between the beacons and the control centre.

The solution

The ADLS (Radar) Light Manager is used to receive a signal from a radar unit installed on a wind farm that activates the obstruction lights when an approaching aircraft is detected and turns them off once the aircraft has left the perimeter. This control system makes it possible to obtain confirmation of the date and time an order was received as well as confirmation of the status of the obstruction lights after receiving the order. This vital information is stored in a log that allows owners to provide proof of the proper functioning of the equipment.


This solution is one of the components of a system aimed at mitigating the nuisance caused by obstruction lighting. It offers the local community a considerably less luminous environment and reduces light pollution, while keeping the sky safe for pilots. Technostrobe fully met the requirements set out in the mandate of the South Dakota authorities.

National Relamping Project - Bell Canada

Summer 2020


Provide a turnkey service to Bell to replace incandescent beacons with LED technology on more than 100 of the company’s towers. The project included both the equipment and the services of technicians to perform the installation work in four (4) Canadian provinces.

The solution

The project involved several types of towers for Bell Mobility, Bell Canada and Bell Media:

  • Hybrid medium intensity systems for E1 or E2 towers
  • High intensity Red/White systems for F2 towers
  • Frequency cancellation systems on AM towers


The modernization of obstruction lighting systems has helped to ensure the safety of the aviation community and allowed Bell to benefit from substantial energy savings thanks to new LED technologies.

Samuel De Champlain Bridge

Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Spring 2019


Provide the new Samuel De Champlain bridge with obstruction lighting and navaids

The solution

This project combines two of our areas of expertise: obstruction lighting systems for air navigation manufactured by Technostrobe and marine navigation aids offered by ITO Navaids. This expertise allows Technostrobe to offer a complete and integrated solution for the security of large structures, both offshore and onshore.

Obstruction lighting systems:
LIDSTM (Lighting Intensity Dimming Solution)
Medium intensity obstruction lighting (2000 cd) – red only for the night

Marine navigation aids:
Marine aids to navigation on the seaway visible at a distance of 5 nautical miles


This remotely monitored solution provides the necessary light intensity to protect the tallest bridges in the world.

Controlled remotely, this lighting solution offers the intensity necessary to warn pilots of the presence of an obstacle to avoid and to offer captains on the St. Lawrence Seaway the route to follow in order to navigate safely under the bridge.

Mont Sainte-Marguerite Wind Farm

Quebec, Canada
Fall 2017


Equip the Mont Sainte-Marguerite wind farm located in Quebec, while minimizing the impact of the lights.

Provide the Mont Sainte-Marguerite wind farm (Quebec, Canada) with the proper obstruction lighting solution in accordance with Transport Canada rules, while minimizing the impact of light beacons on surrounding communities.

The solution had to respond to concerns expressed by the community based on the fact that the region has an astronomical observatory, is populated by dense maple groves that host seasonal educational and festive activities, and benefits many outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world throughout the year.

The solution

The LIDSTM (Lighting Intensity Dimming Solution) was the preferred solution, making the Mont Sainte-Marguerite wind farm the first wind farm in North America to be equipped with a complete LIDSTM system, capable of adjusting the light intensity of the obstruction lights according to the actual visibility near the installations.

Installation: 46 turbines, Hub height: 92.5m, Diameter of the rotor: 113M, Siemens 3.2MW.


The deployment of this technology, designed by Technostrobe, helps mitigate light pollution and therefore facilitates community acceptance while ensuring the safety of pilots and travelers. Technostrobe fully met the requirements set out in the mandate.

Indeed, the very principle of the LIDSTM solution is to automatically adapt the light intensity to the surrounding visibility, thus offering the local community a considerably less luminous environment and reducing light pollution, while keeping the sky safe for pilots.