Technostrobe Offshore Solutions (TOS) is committed to ensuring serial production is supported though on-time delivery and poka-yoke kitting.

Just as our industry is focused on the climate, TOS is also keen on doing our part with the environment.  Our portion starts with reusable kitting vessels.  Once materials are consumed each kit is returned to TOS for inspection, inventory and repurposing.

Lifecycle traceability on all components is paramount.  Our ERP system will publish and distribute advanced shipping notice (ASN) once a kit, or single components is assembled, packaged, inspected and sealed.

Upon receiving our kits, customers can easily identify each container via our encapsulated labeling.  Each offshore has a different bill of materials than the next.  At TOS we ensure respective Tower ID’s are documented and labeled so production is not interrupted.  

TOS’s logistical partners know our DNA and the pressures associated with offshore wind construction.  Therefore, all shipments departing from TOS are same day delivery.  We are here for your successes. 

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