Mechanical / Structural

Mechanical / Structural

Technostrobe Offshore Solutions (TOS) is a time-tested supplier of railing systems and mechanical packages used in the fabrication and assembly of external working platforms.

Reducing costs starts with designing the embedded electricals (or subterranean) with readily available parts.  Reducing interfaces is  accomplished by minimizing connection points along with the quantity of components: less is more.

The External Working Platform (EWP) consists of both railing and mechanical parts connected to low-voltage electrical.  TOS meticulously inspects all dimensional tolerances while conducting a measurement campaign prior to fully assembling each railing and gate configuration.

The reduction of risks occurs in every step of the process at TOS.  From external lights being outfitted with cabling and mounted to light brackets to serialized railing production and documentation there is peace of mind in each scope delivered

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